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Soilworx Septic Designs

In a previous post we bragged about how we like to work with the best local companies to deliver the best possible service and product. The first company we work with a lot is Soilworx.

Soilworx is based out of Okotoks and services all Calgary's surrounding areas. A ton of attention to detail and septic knowledge is needed to design a septic system. These designs are like the instructions and map for installing a system and are usually about 65 pages long!

It is very important not to lie to your designer - if there are 6 people living in the home and it is only designed for 3 your system will fail and although you might think you are saving a buck or two on your septic system; but this is cause more money out of your pocket when repairs are needed. Septic systems can work just as good or even better than city systems and treatment plants. You need to be sure to have the proper size and pumps for it to be efficient and last as long as possible. Chad from Soilworx says: "A properly designed septic system will equal, if not outperform, conventional treatment quality seen in municipal or city treatment plants. If your onsite system is performing correctly, it will return your wastewater to the environment and remove nearly 99%-100% of all infectious pathogens."

Visit the Soilworx Site:

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